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9 years ago

Additional Retrieval Method for Email Monitoring

The email monitoring and email round-trip monitors are useful metrics when monitoring an on-premises or hosted email system. One one thing that makes this functionality a bit harder for us to implement is the fact that it uses the IMAP protocol to retrieve messages from the email system. Most of our customers are using Exchange on-premises or Exchange Online. Because IMAP is not the preferred protocol for connecting to an Exchange mailbox, this can present us with some challenges. Some customers may have IMAP functionality completely disabled, or they may block the IMAP ports in their firewall. If we had the option to use one of the HTTPS protocols (possibly EWS?) for email retrieval, that would make this feature much more appealing to us. Another nice to have for our customers with on-premises mail servers, would be the option to send the test not only from the device's collector, but from LogicMonitor's data centers as well.

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