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2 months ago

Add Predefined Resource Types

We would like these predefined resource types to automatically populate for these device types:

vCenter - Does not have a predef resource type 

Wireless Controller - Does not have a predef resource type

NetApp - Does not have a predef resource type

CloudCollectors - No predef resource type


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  • Hey Stuart,

    We want these predefined automatically when said device types are discovered, to my knowledge if we create them we will still have to manually assign them after the device is discovered.

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      No, if you create the ERISource, it runs as part of discovery and would assign the ERT to the device automatically. 

  • I mean create new ERISources to assign to the above device types as currently to my knowledge those source types do not exist in LogicMonitor.

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      You can use any type you want. There's no such list of types that "exist in LogicMonitor." If you write an ERISource, you can make the type any string you want (excluding some special characters probably). However, if you choose a type that's not in the list linked above, the icon will be a generic icon. 

      As for the icon, you'd need to submit a feature request through the product. As for the ERISources, you can submit a feature request for those as well or attempt to write them yourself, they're not actually that hard.

      I don't know how far back the burner is on which topology has been placed. But aside from a few module bug fixes and overhauling the drawing engine, there doesn't seem to have been much movement on topology in 3? 4? 5 years? Seems like it's not a priority for LM (rightly so, they have so much tech debt with UIv4, I'm surprised they haven't pulled in HR to do some coding on it).

  • Do you mean a dedicated icon like the ones here (only LM can add this)? Or do you mean a ERISource to assign one of the existing types to the above type of devices (LM can do this, or we can do it)? Looking at what's there, we probably need both.