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4 months ago

Add collectorgroupid and collectorgroupdesc standard properties

We already have collectorid and collectordesc standard properties, but in all our deployments we have at least 2 collectors.

Since in Dynamic Group custom queries you cannot use inherited properties I’d like to be able to specify the query to include resources from the collector group level rather than individual collectors (using OR / || operators), especially since provisioning a new collector to replace a previous one will generate a new collectorid and collectordesc value so the query will need to be permanently maintained.

For us at least, new collectors will always belong to a collector group, so this seems to simplify the requirement of splitting up MSP version of LM between multiple customers. The way we handle hierarchy is to add every resource to a static group, outside of any customer folder, then inside each customer folder we have a dynamic group for ‘All Devices’ looking for that customers resources.

Currently we achieve this using the API in a PropertySource to grab the resource’s collectorid value, pass that to the API and return the collectorgroupname value, then set that returned value to an auto.organisation value at the resource level. And then in the query we have auto.organisation == “XYZ”.

Using the API seems an unneeded overhead. Instead, at the point of adding resources, since they already get collectorid and collectordesc added, the Add Device process should include a lookup to get the used collector’s collectorgroup values and set them directly on the resource as collectorgroupid and collectorgroupdesc (to be consistent with the current ones).

Then in each dynamic group we can use something like system.collectorgroupdesc == “XYZ”.

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