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4 years ago

Active Directory And VMware Integrations

I'm aware that there are AD and VMware Datasources.

However it would be very useful, for our purposes at least, if we could have integrations with these two inventory sources. I would imagine since they are on-premises, that a collector would be a required option unlike the public cloud integrations. Auto Import of server devices, or of the guests from vcenter would be a really great value add. Curious if any other LM customers would also be interested in something like this. 

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  • While I appreciate the solution, I wouldn't say that this is the same as what was requested. Especially since not everyone is versed in groovy, or any language for that matter.

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    Oh no, don't misunderstand. I'm not from the product team. Just trying to help get you started if you have an immediate need, since it may not be immediately addressed by the product team as an out of the box solution.