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2 years ago

Ability to show aggregate data in table widgets

I would like to request the ability to show aggregate data in a table widget. Currently, table widgets can only show the current value being reported for a datapoint.

An example of this being useful would be showing interface utilization & speed, including avg/max over a certain time range. We have had this asked for multiple times by different customers, and we are currently only able to give them that data via either a resource metric trend report or graph widgets, neither of which meet their needs.

The interface bandwidth report gets us close, but without the ability to show utilization % it is not that useful either. The table widget would be perfect for these kinds of executive dashboards IF it showed aggregate data over the time range.

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  • Bumping this thread. Table widgets would be so much more useful if we had the option to display peak or average data over the dashboard time range.

    Currently table widgets can only show real-time data, which is useful in many situations but not useful for things like capacity planning, which as an MSP is something many of our customers have asked us for.

    The only way we can provide this for customers is via Reports, or graph widgets. Being able to show capacity planning data in a table widget would add a lot of value, at least for us and our customers.