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3 years ago

Ability to display utilization % on Interface Bandwidth Report

I would like to make a feature request to add interface utilization % to the Interface Bandwidth Report. Currently, we can only display the peak/avg inbound/outbound speeds by MBPS. It would also be useful to be able to display the avg/peak utilization % based off of the InUtilizationPercent and OutUtilizationPercent datapoints of the Network Interfaces datasource. 

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  • Hi matt, Is it resolved? please let me know as i have the same requirement now. and i can see its been 3 years since you raised a feature request.

  •  Also it would be helpful to have a report that showed the speed that the interface is using to compute the utilization. 

    For our WAN links - this is not always the default interface speed that may be showing on the interface and we need to verify that the proper value is being used to compute the utilization values.