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3 years ago

Ability to create dynamic table widgets via API

I would like to put in a feature request to add the ability to create dynamic table widgets via API. Currently this widget type is not supported for API, only standard table widgets are. Dynamic tables are much more useful since you can add color thresholds and the instance links in the tables actually go to the instance, not just the device

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    This should be possible. You can configure any dashboard through the API by uploading the json that defines it. Is there a specific reason this appears to not be possible?

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    Using Chrome's dev tools, I captured the payload submitted to /santaba/rest/dashboard/widgets when adding a dynamic table to dashboard 107 in my portal:

      "columns": [
          "columnName": "average",
          "dataPointId": 98,
          "dataPointName": "average",
          "displayType": "raw",
          "enableForecast": false,
          "roundingDecimal": "2",
          "rpn": "",
          "unitLabel": ""
      "dashboardId": 107,
      "dataSourceFullName": "Ping",
      "dataSourceId": 35,
      "description": "",
      "displaySettings": {
        "pageSize": "25"
      "forecast": {
        "algorithm": "Linear",
        "confidence": 70,
        "severity": "warn",
        "timeRange": "Last 30 days"
      "interval": "3",
      "name": "Ping Latency",
      "rows": [
          "deviceDisplayName": "*",
          "fullName": "All > All",
          "groupFullPath": "*",
          "instanceName": "*",
          "label": "##RESOURCENAME##"
      "sortOrder": "descending",
      "supportKeyWord": "Table",
      "theme": "newBorderGray",
      "topX": 10,
      "type": "dynamicTable",
      "userPermission": "write"