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3 years ago

Ability to Add SDT to muliple devices across folders

It would be lovely to have the ability to have a GUI element to allow us to select a date and time for SDT and then slot in as many devices as we needed and have it apply to the devices.

doing it manually for several devices individually per window is tedious and definitely not scalable

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  • There are many UI gaps like this, lack of search boxes where they should be, etc.  I know there has been a new UI in the works for a really long time and hopefully when it is done a lot of this will be improved.  The only solution you have today is to use the API for anything more sophisticated.

  • I definitely agree about this being tedious and not scalable. When I am patching groups of up to a hundred servers, setting SDT is mind-numbingly awful.

  • I also agree. Having the ability to select multiple devices/instance/DS and DP and perform functions like toggle alerting, moving to a group etc. and SDT would be really helpful. 


  • I have also asked for similar feature in the past.  SDTs periods should be something we can define independently of the resource groups and resources, and reference on a group/resource.  This would also help when it comes to refactoring resource groups.