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3 years ago

Ability to add instance descriptions to dashboard widgets using a dashboard token

We would like to have the option to include instance descriptions on dashboard widgets, especially table widgets. If the instance description was available as a dashboard token, then that would make the data more meaningful to our customers so that they have a better understanding of what instance each row corresponds to. This would especially be useful for interfaces.

In addition to being able to include instance descriptions in the display of table widgets, it would also be very useful if we could filter on the instance description within the table widget using a glob expression. For example if we wanted to display all interfaces with "UPLINK" in the description. Being able to display all uplink interfaces in a widget and also display the interface description for each instance would be huge for us.

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  • Thanks for the clarification Stuart, either way it would be nice to have the ability to include instance descriptions in widgets (especially table widgets) and filter on them. Currently we need to do a lot of that manually per-interface row so we can show what circuit each interface corresponds to. 

    On a semi-related note, it would also be really nice to just be able to pull in device or instance-level properties and display their text in a table widget as well.

  • This wouldn't be done as a dashboard token, but just a token. Dashboard tokens are rendered the same everywhere they appear on a dashboard.