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4 years ago

A datasource to alert if SNMP is not working

I have a client that would like to get an alert if SNMP stops pulling for one or more datasources applied to an individual resource. I realize we can set no data alerts but it would be very hard to apply that correctly without getting duplicated alerts across different resource types, like routers and servers. I configured dead host monitoring but that doesn't do quite what we were looking for.


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  • There is a way to do this, but it is not well-documented and there is no UI exposure for "No Data" alerts, you have to dig around the module sources to find them (because it is very hard to put an indicator in the alert tuning thresholds I guess). 

    We have standard alerts on 2 datapoints that have No Data alerts and no other alerts.  The first is for "Host Uptime" -> SNMP_HostUptime_Singleton -> Uptime and the second is for Uptime- -> * -> UpTime.  If a host stops responding to SNMP, those will trigger.  We keep them near the end of our alert policy to generally report to our team across all clients.

  • @mnagel I feel your pain with having to open the whole datapoint definition to get the NoData settings. We're improving this in UIv4.

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    You could create a single instance SNMP DS polling sysuptime ( and put a no data threshold on that.

  • I love this idea, nice and simple, I was thinking much more complexly. Thanks for this fantastic idea! We will implement this.