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12 months ago

5 Key Milestones of Onboarding LM

Milestones and resources to help support your onboarding of the LogicMonitor platform.

Milestone 1: Get familiar with your resources

  • LM Community: If you are seeing this post then you are already in the right place! The Community is a fantastic resource to connect with other customers, ask questions or just learn more about the platform you are onboarding.
  • LM Academy: Your home base for learning! Academy houses many trainings from very basic to more advanced topics, both on demand and live. This is also home to the LMCA and LMCP certification programs. (Academy can also be access from your LM Portal by clicking “Training” in the upper right hand corner)
  • Technical Support: Running into an issue as you setup your platform? Reach out to our technical support team and they will work with you to resolve any issue. (Support can also be reached from your LM Portal by clicking “Support” in the upper right hand corner)
  • Product Documentation: This is available to you at any time on the web, or by clicking “Support” within your portal to find relevant articles focused on the part of the platform you are navigating through.

Milestone 2: Deploy Collectors

Milestone 3: Add Devices

Milestone 4: Tune Alerts

  • Start with basic alert tuning on your static thresholds
  • Manage alerts from the Alerts Page within your portal
  • Keep an eye on your overall alert volume - if it gets too high this means you need to do more tuning. Check out the Alerts Frequency Report to target the resources that are creating the most amount of noise
  • Check-in on alert severity as well to make sure only the right people are getting the right alerts at the right time
  • Don’t forget to setup a weekly report for warning alerts to ensure you are not missing anything

Milestone 5: Dashboards

Now you’ve got the basics of onboarding complete. Make sure to explore the rest of the LM Community to continue learning more!

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