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9 months ago

What are some features/changes you would like to see in the community?

I am working on a list of recommended updates to the vendor of the Community platform, as well as things that are in my control.  If you could add any feature, functionality, layout change, etc what would those be?

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  • For threads that span more than one page, put the pagination options at the top. When clicking into a thread, i don’t want to have to scroll all the way down just to hit the button to go to the last reply in the long thread.

  • Moving the “insert code” button up in the toolbar since it’s used more often that attachments.

    Add Groovy to the list of languages supported in the code widget. It’s LM’s #1 language.

    Restrict “mark as correct answer” to OP only for the first N hours (48? 96?) (though this might be a LM policy setting already possible).

    Unread items feed.

    For @Mike Aracic: dark mode.

    Have the “insert image” button prompt for upload OR url. Makes more sense than “embed media” and is inline with other forum capabilities.

    Support markdown (a la slack or discord). 

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    Love both of these ideas!  I have added both to my list!  

    Sadly I am sure you know my response...current platform limitation. 😐.

    The pagination options for most platforms are always on the bottom and rarely able to move these, but I have seen the capability to sort threads from Newest to Oldest and vice versa.   

    For submitting support tickets from the 3 dots, you could do that now by reporting the post, but it would not be automated, would need to be vetted and routed back to the Support link for the user to submit a ticket.  Also, just something to consider, not all users of Community may know when a support ticket needs to be created vs what can be answered on Community.   I could see this being a permission based feature, but ultimately will require an integration with our support system.