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7 years ago

Wisdom around Alerting on Virtual Memory Utilization and Trends

Hey LM Community!

With newer versions of Windows Server and relying on the [operating] system to manage page files, we have run into a challenge in alerting on virtual memory usage as there is periodic growth and shrinkage, along with random gigantic spikes that are gone moments later. Was wondering if anyone had found a way to configure LM to alert when virtual memory usage is "problematic/needs administrative attention" vs just par for the course Windows Server operation. I think what we really want to be able to monitor this data for is upward sloping trends in virtual memory usage over time that reset to "0" following a reboot, indicative of memory leaks that should be addressed, rather than spikes which cross a particular threshold. See attached for an example of a memory leak trend which we would have wanted an alert on (that didn't generate one), next to spikes which we got an alert on, but don't really care about. Anyone have any wisdom?

Thank you, all!