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9 years ago

What model is used for forecasting?

I applaud the forecasting feature. I have been looking for something like it specifically for disk usage (or more specifically when do we run out of free space) predictions.

The documentation is silent about what kind of statistical model is behind the forecasting function. It appears to be quite sophisticated in that it predicts oscillating patterns similar to the past. However it often doesn't fit very well. Take for example the screenshot in where the curve is essentially linear once the few outliers are removed. The prediction turns out to be essentially flat, not the linear increase a human would predict.

A good feature would be for the user to be able to select "linear model" as an alternative to "Logic Monitor secret sauce".

Also, it makes no sense that I can change the date range for past data and forecast range independently. Having them always change in tandem would be much better, as the time axis could make more sense. Now you have to take an extra look at the time axis to make sure what you see isn't completely misleading.