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7 years ago

Web Services Check

I am trying to set up a check using the Web Services Check. When I point the service check to the domain it gives me a message saying "Cannot establish connection due to SSL issue encountered."

Any idea how to resolve this? I get it on 2 of the subdomains I am trying to test. Pings work just fine.

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  • Web Services Checks do not support any version of SSL or TLS 1.0. Use your favorite browser's developer tools to figure out if the target website is defaulting to a supported version of TLS--basically TLS 1.1 or later.

    If your target website is internet accessible, then you can use to test which protocols and ciphers the site supports and that the Java 8 user agents are getting TLS 1.1 or later in the Handshake Simulation. 

  • Using the developer tools in Chrome, under the security tab it states the site is being connected through TLS 1.2, though it does state it is using an obsolete cipher. Could this be the issue?