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8 years ago

Web Service Ping and Trace Route

Where there is only one checkpoint defined for a web service check, in particular for internal web service checks, please make it so that an overall failure alert also includes the ping and traceroute info in the tooltip, see attached.   Currently this tool tip info is only available for individual checkpoint alerts.  If there is only one checkpoint location, then the ping and traceroute info should be included in the overall alert too. This would be very useful in reducing alerts.  At the moment where I have one checkpoint (because that is all that is needed) I have to generate two alerts for the same incident, one with the useful ping and traceroute and the overall one (which is redundant in a single checkpoint scenario).


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  • A quick way to achieve this could be to add a None option to the overall alert option.  That way for single checkpoint configurations, the individual location would still alert and contain the ping and traceroute info and the overall would not generate a second alert.