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7 years ago

Web Service Checks - IOException: Maximum redirects (10) exceeded


We have created Internal web service check in LM for our portal and by adding next steps we are noticing below error message.
Verified with support team and they have confirmed that  based on the error it means the maximum number of redirect is more than 10 and which is not possible to modify.

Could someone please let us know how we can exceed these maximum redirects.

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  • Well, you can't directly exceed them.

    Our web checks protect themselves from being in an infinite loop, redirecting in a circle, by imposing this maximum of 10. Which in real life is more than websites should normally subject their users to. (It's not a great user experience in terms of latency, etc to be redirected a bunch of times.)

    So the best solution would be to remove some of the redirects (why go from A to B to C to D, instead of just A to D?)  If there are architectural reasons you can't do so,  you could start your LM web check further down the redirect chain.