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6 years ago

VMware vCenter Event Log Monitoring

We would like the ability to generate alarm on events generated within the vSphere event log, I really can't believe this isn't in place already. 



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  • I have submitted this as a request previously and would hope to see some movement on it soon.

    Ability to view vCenter alarms within LogicMonitor & then to be able to select/filter which alarms trigger LM Alert notifications (warn/error/crit) will greatly help, especially MSP's like us with multiple vCenters to monitor/manage.

  • We talked about building an EventSource to pass alarms through, but that would be very noisy and probably wouldn't make it into core. Lots of those alarms also overlap with alert thresholds defined within the VMware modules.

    You can build Syslog EventSources to pick alarms out of a vSphere syslog stream today. I don't see us building a UI specifically around selecting and filtering which VMware alerts get passed through, but EventSource filters do provide some of this functionality.