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6 years ago

VMware Datastore Performance-XXXXXXXX ReadCommands

                            Hello Everyone,

I'm facing an issue with bulk alerts stating "VMware Datastore Performance-XXXXX ReadCommands" It says "ESX datastore XXXXXXX (5.86 TB VMFS) on XXXXX is not reporting data". It also says "Please ensure that the datastore is available. Another possible reason may be the use of incorrect VMware API credentials configured in LogicMonitor".

We have upgraded the (Vcenter) vmware version from 6.0 to 6.5. Since, then we are facing this issue.

Kindly, assist with any fix.

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  • Have you gone thru the setup requirements on ?

    I would first try using the "Poll Now" button on the Raw tab to see if it reports additional data. Sometimes it shows error or warning messages with useful information.

    If that doesn't show anything useful you can go to Settings > LogicModules > DataSources and find "VMware_vCenter_DatastoreStatus". Scroll down 1/2 way and click on the "Test Active Discovery" button and choose the vcenter server you are having problems with. See if that shows all your Datastores and other details like maintenance mode or reports errors. Then scroll down a bit further and click on the "Test Script" just before the Datapoints section. Again see if that is reporting errors or warning.