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9 years ago

Virtual DataPoints From Multiple Hosts in "Advanced Custom Graphs"

The Advanced Custom Graph widget does not allow using virtual datapoints from multiple hosts (I'm told by LM Support [Case #52104] I need to use a Simple Custom Graph).

I ran into this trying to create a Bandwidth graph, which aggregated InOctets & OutOctets datapoints from multiple hosts.  It feels backwards to go from the "Advanced" Custom Graph widget to the "Simple" Custom Graph widget to perform multi-host aggregate virtual dataPoints (ie: virtual_InOctets = host1_InOctets + host2_InOctets + host3_InOctets etc..).

Please include support for multi-host virtual datapoint expressions.

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  • For better or worse, Support is right on this (for now).  Advanced custom graph widget should possibly be called "Aggregate custom graph," the only notable difference between the two is you can use glob in the Advanced config and then indicate aggregate, top ten, or distinct values.  And as you've likely deduced, virtual datapoints aren't available for different datasources if glob is in the mix.  

    We're looking at ways to simplify this, likely offering a "convert" option between the two graph types that would make glob / aggregate available in one mode and make more powerful virtual datapoints available in the other.