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6 years ago

view access to website steps

I just noticed during one of our client review meetings that users without manage access to a website definition cannot even see the step details (I normally am in admin mode so this is not obvious unless logged in as the client, which I do during reviews).

Given that website alerts include virtually no information, I think this is a critical missing feature.  Please allow users to see all steps and what they each do and expect.  A test should also show why the test failed, if it did.


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  • FWIW, I see that we can add a description to explain the steps, which is possibly a workaround, but LM should be able to show the step details without enabling editing.  Regardless, I don't think the step failure information is communicated in alerts (nor can it be with the existing token system).

  • I've waffled on this feature a bit internally. Being able to see the request payloads would give the viewer access to see privileged credential information potentially. o.O

  • I had the same thought and concern.  I still feel like there is a safe way to summarize the step failure in a way that does not expose sensitive data, but I agree it could be tricky.  No information is definitely unhelpful.  Perhaps my workaround is the only actual safe method.  Sadly, the dialog view for read-only users is so washed out, the text is nearly invisible.