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5 years ago

"Value" field breaks CSV Alert Report in some cases

The Value field for some alerts, most notably Windows Event Logs, is not handled correctly when exporting alert history to CSV using the Reports function. 

For example, the following excerpt of what should be 4 rows from a CSV Alert Report that contains both valid and invalid row data in the Value field:

Severity,Group,Device,Datasource,Instance,Datapoint,Thresholds,Value,Began,End,Rule,Chain,Acked,Acked By,Acked On,Notes,In SDT
warn,GroupName,DeviceName,Organizational Units,ActiveDirectory_OrganizationalUnits,AnyChange,,A change was made to the configuration file,2019-09-10 20:17:39 MST,2019-09-10 20:20:49 MST,N/A,N/A,yes,AckuserName,2019-09-10 20:20:49 MST,ACK,no
warn,GroupName,DeviceName,Windows Domain Services Event Log,Windows Domain Services Event Log,4725,,"A user account was disabled.

    Security ID:        Masked_SID
    Account Name:        Masked_Account
    Account Domain:        Masked_Domain
    Logon ID:        Masked_ID

Target Account:
    Security ID:        Masked_SID
    Account Name:        Masked_Account
    Account Domain:        Masked_Domain",2019-09-12 14:42:12 MST,2019-09-12 14:53:42 MST,N/A,N/A,yes,AckUserName,2019-09-12 14:53:42 MST,ACK,no
warn,GroupName,DeviceName,Windows System Event Log,Windows System Event Log,7023,,"The Interactive Services Detection service terminated with the following error: 
Incorrect function.",2019-09-27 02:04:48 MST,2019-09-27 03:05:09 MST,AlertRule,EscalationChain,no,,,,no


HTML and PDF reports don't appear to have this issue.