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4 years ago

Using the LogicMonitor Account name in LogicModules that call the LM API

Quick tip...

EDIT: Now updated with an even quicker tip...

When (if!) you're creating a scripted LogicModule that calls the LogicMonitor API, you need the account name (<accountName>, API token ID, andAPI token key.

You can set all these as resource properties of course, but it seems a bit annoying to have to tell resources in the LogicMonitor account their own account name, right?

So you might end up with a section of script like this:

def accessId = hostProps.get("");
def accessKey = hostProps.get("lm.api.key");
def account = hostProps.get("lm.api.account");


Here's the thing: Collectors run these scripts. Collectors know which account they belong to, it's in their agent.conf file. Collectors can read their own agent.conf file.

It's in a line like:



It's possible to pull out collector settings within scripts, therefore, this works:

import com.santaba.agent.util.Settings
// You'll need the above import...

// ...then:
account = Settings.getSetting("company")

// and then...

accessId = hostProps.get('');
accessKey = hostProps.get('lm.api.key');


Ta-dah! A property you no longer have to set...