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7 years ago

User Containers

Use Case:

I am a provider with loads of customers using the system. Operators working on MACs must navigate the flat user tree looking for specific users for any number of a myriad of reasons. One of the main use cases for this feature is to avoid mix ups when multiple customers have very similar names only differentiated by domain. Think Jim Smith as an example.


Looking for a way to “containerize” users in the User Access -> Users tab.  It would be extremely cool and helpful to be able to add groups on this screen to contain customer’s users in a single bucket.

I would love for this to occur by adding metadata/tags to a user when it is created. I would then create groups just like we do when we create devices and auto-assign users to them based on the metadata entered for the user. If the auto-assign is robust enough you could really make this interesting by using a standard query of metadata + role to get the structure below:




Cst 1

            Role 1


            Role 2


Cst 2

            Role 4

Cst N

            Role N