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8 years ago

use globs to limit Alert rules to specific instance groups

We have a datasource (in this case a ESX host) that has several ESX Virtual Machines in it.  We have painfully separate the the instances of VM's into two different instance groups 'dev' and 'prod' this allows us to easily disable alerting for an instance group.  But what we really want to do is set up two different alerting schemes.  For any alert coming from the 'prod' instance group I want to blast out emails and escalate, while for all alerts from the dev instance simply displaying them in logicMonitor is enough.  I have looked at the pages on using globs for groups, but that appears to only work from groups, I would have been unable to uses the same logic to apply an alert rule to just a single instance group.

With out this, I wonder what the point of instance groups are.. Why would I want to group my instances into groups if I can't act on those groups independently? 

Visual Example:

Device: vSphere
  Group: Data Center 1
    ESX Virtual Machine:
      Instance Group: Prod
        VM: A
        VM: B
     Instance Group: Dev
        VM: X
        VM: Y
        VM: Z

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  • Yes also looking for being able to have instances be used in this way and for security,  specifically  for ESX virtual Machines, is where this being able to do more with instances would be a very large help.

  • Signed up for the forums just to request this exact feature. This is crippling our process for group based alerting

  • We have a similar issue, and would like to create either two different alerting schemes / profiles, or create alert rules that can matched to an instance group.  In our scenario we have multiple nodes on our F5s, some which are used for prod, and some used for staging.  We need different alerting thresholds, or different rules that can be applied to our staging and production nodes.  What we would like to do is create an alert rule that matches an instance group e.g "Staging Nodes", and only trigger the alert if the node is reported down after "x" number of polling cycles.