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8 years ago

uptime dashboard - exclusion of SDT devices

I am trying to create uptime SLA dashborad with HostStatus-idletimeinterval or Pinglosspercent. With the current version, unable to exclude the devices which are marked as SDT. This is affecting the uptime SLA.

It would be great, if you could include this option.

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  • I've got a support request in for this exact thing.  I was told that it is already available in SLA reports, but the it wasn't added to the SLA widget at the same time.  I just got off the phone with LM and was told that it will likely be available on the SLA widget within the next few sprints (they do 3 week sprints, so I've got my hopes for mid - April).  One caveat, they only do this for device datasources right now, not for Service SLAs...I've asked that they include services in this as well.