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8 years ago

Twitter List Integration

Hi All, 

I was recently asked, whether or not it was possible to integrate/ember a Twitter list or timeline, into a dashboard view.  My immediate thoughts are that it would be, using the HTML widget, but has anyone out there had any success doing so?  Also if you have, are there any pitfalls/gotchas to avoid doing so?

Many Thanks,


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  • Hi Nick,

    I've not tested this myself as I don't actively use twitter but from what I can tell there should be no problem here.

    This only thing to watch out for is that it would be much easier to do so as embedded iframe content. The following page from twitter has information on how to generate the code:

    See the screenshot for the setting you need to select on  the HTML widget.



  • Hi again,

    My previous post won't work, apologies. It would have to be with the normal website HTML function, but I don't believe that twitter has CORS enabled. I'll let you know if I find anything