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6 years ago

Tracking Server Reboots

Hello All!

Have any of you been successful with using LM to monitor when servers are bounced(without the up time monitor). I am trying to nail down a way to see when a server was rebooted and by who. I know i could use the event log, but i have not been successful with event sources staying active after the next poll. I was wondering if any of you were successful with other methods and what were they? Also if you were successful using the eventsource in LM could you provide some details on how you configured it? Thanks in advance =).

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  • Can you elaborate on your issues with event sources?

    I quickly cloned the default windows event source to only look for Event ID 1074 in the System log and this is what I triggered an alert on:


  • We've also added System: 41, 13, and 109 as well to ours... but are unable to make a single eventsource that looks for 1074|41|13|109 in a single go.  It stopped alerting as soon as we added more to our single event 1074 eventSource.