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6 years ago

Topology Mapping


I am attempting to check out the Mapping tab and i am able to add a resource but there is nothing in the outgoing or incoming edges.  I am also not seeing any way to add these manually.

The other thing that i am getting hung up on is the ability to add and manage ERI's and ERT's where is this in the settings tab?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in Advance!

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    Hi @starboy9 ,

    The edges are discovered by TopologySources. The TopologySources are usually using some discovery logic (e.g. SNMP, API) to discover edges for monitored resources with ERIs (external resource Ids). The ERI properties are typically populated by PropertySources or DataSource AD scripts. So to ensure edges are discovered (and therefore available for display in maps), you need to ensure you have:

    1. 1. imported TopologySources into your account (Settings | LogicModules | TopologySources | Add | From LogicMonitor Repository)
    2. 2. imported PropertySources into your account (Settings | LogicModules | PropertySources | Add | From LogicMonitor Repository)

    Do note that we do not have topology coverage for all technologies at this time, so even with the steps above you will not see topology for technologies we don't yet support. What are you trying to map?

    Hopefully this helps! Let us know if you have questions. 


  • Hello,


    Sorry for the extreme delay in getting back here....

    At this point in time i am just trying to get something mapped.  I would like to attempt creating some of these topology maps in hopes to get a little more of a detailed view into some of the environments that are being discovered.

    If i am understanding this correctly since there are only 3 topology sources Kubernetes, Networking and, VMware.  These would be the only things that i have the ability to attempt to discover against correct?

    Also is there something that i have to manually do in order to apply these topology sources to my discovered resources?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi @starboy9 - There should be more than 3 TopologySources at this point, and our team is frequently releasing new TopologySources with additional coverage. To get started, you just have to make sure you have the most up to date modules in your account - this page provides getting started instructions: Let us know if you have trouble getting started or additional questions!