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9 years ago

Timeframe in custom report


I started trying to build a custom report based on word-template. Still some struggle, but getting forward in small steps.

In the report settings I can define a fixed timeframe (like last month).

I would like to translate this setting into something I can put in the report to indicate on which timeframe the report is based.

Example: Availability overview from 2015-05-01 until 2015-05-31

Is this possible at all, our should this become a feature request?



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    Hi Jeroen,

    Glad to hear you are making progress with this. As of right now there are a few options for showing the date range with custom templates today, either as a custom variable or the chosen range will always be displayed at the top of any graph placed in the report. To use the custom variable, you'd simply have to fill that in each time you the report, e.g. "var=dateRange" placed at the top of your template and then write out the range at report run time. I can see room for improvement here, but hopefully this can work for you until we get a more dynamic way of including it. 

    Let me know if you need more info,