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6 years ago

Time series database

What is the retention period for data in TSDB? How can I fetch data from TSDB if I want to observe a trend over a particular period of time?

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  • I am able to grab a time series of data using the API, but I'd love to be able to make a virtual datapoint using historical data to put into a widget.  We have calculations we perform to pull data from our current monitoring suite for determining "right-sizing" of VMs.  These calculations require at least a 24 hour set of CPU/DISK/MEM counters to be able to grab min/max for the calculations.  I can grab this using a Powershell script and generate the report as we currently do, but I'd love to make it a live thing if possible.  Access to 1 week/2 weeks of counter data from within the LM interface would be amazing (The current system aggregates after 2 weeks of individual datapoint storage for us to use).  I second this call for time series datapoints