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6 years ago

tie idrac monitoring to its host, not a separate device

I have brought this up with our CSM previously, but I thought maybe it would help to note the issue here as well.  Currently, iDRAC monitoring requires consumption of a second device slot in addition to the device itself.  This is a non-starter for most people due to the cost factor (especially if they have hundreds of servers), so they just don't bother.  There is really no reason the datasources could not be adjusted to use something like drac.ip, etc. to monitor as an element of the host.  The only glitch would be the network interfaces, which I think would be fine to leave out.  Technically, I understand why the DS authors went this way, but  it is an unnecessary cost burden to customers.


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  • I agree that this is a tricky one, not just for iDRAC but also iLO & CIMC which is all the same just different manufacturers.
    We have to create 2 devices and associate them together by the name, i.e. servernamexx & servernamexx_iDrac / servernameyy & servernameyy_cimc, Invariably these cards are accessed via there own NIC/IP Address, the IP Address at times being on a different range from the main server device.

    Although it would be good to get away from the 2 device license cost for this scenario type, it would also be really good if the device object upon 'add' or later 'manage' would include the ability to have 2 IP Addresses associated to it so that in effect the Server device and associated iDrac/iLO/CIMC could appear within LogicMonitor as one device entity.