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8 years ago

table widget improvements needed

I tried using a table widget for the first time yesterday because I wanted to include in a dashboard a list of devices in a group with inventory information from the Device Component Inventory datasource, which creates auto.XXX properties for version, model, etc.  This would be a perfect dashboard element.  Alas, the table widget does not support device groups (or does, but only as a narrowing tool to specify individual devices statically), and it only allows columns of datapoints, not properties or instance properties.  I worked around my immediate need by writing an API script to get the ILP data (not documented in the REST API guide, but I figured it out based on how device properties are accessed) and was able to generate a CSV report with the data needed.  Please consider revising the table widget to support device groups and specification of properties and ILPs in columns.  It would be extremely useful to our clients to have this type of data available at a glance in a dashboard.  Perhaps these requirements are so counter to the purpose of the table widget that a different widget is needed, like a Property Table widget.  Whatever gets the job done :).




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  • Hi Mark - 

    Thanks for the feedback - we're discussing this from a few different angles right now.  The properties issue is one we'd like to address throughout the entire application, and we also have some designs in flight to support groups / glob / top ten.  The feedback re where it's useful helps a lot.