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6 years ago

SYSTEM OS version (DisplayString) presentation in DASHBOARD

Hi LM team, 

We have a problem to represent System OS version [firmware ver] in the Dashboard table. 
Seems like it's not possible assign ifnromation available in resource/global status/info tab [in our case system.sysinfo] as this is DisplayString and not guage. 

By our unsterstanding only Guage can be configured as data points which have big impact on other things which can be readed via SNMP. 

It would be great to have possibility to build our own tables base on infromation avaiable from Object ID. 

My tention is to build easy table containt Resouce NAME with current firmware version and represt it in Dashboard for all nodes, but you can imagine this future might be also used for alerting i.e. configuring alert for any device with smaller firmware version than such and such. 

 You gave us great future which giving possibility to build our own tables over dashboard, but on other hand we cannot name colums etc. by specific display string base on SNMP OBJECT ID. For egample: we can get ifformation how many access point are connected to controller but it's impossible to read information how SSID are named, and it's only because DashBoard can't be build on outputs base on Display Strings as a syntax. 

On other hand you giving such possibility in reports so I believe this is very easy to implement by yours devops team.