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7 years ago

Swagger Doc

It would be nice to have a swagger doc to define all the rest endpoints. We are developing a graphql server internally and it would be useful to be able to programmatically define the LogicMonitor portion. 

I see that LM has a swagger project in github

not quite sure the scope of that, but an example of a swagger doc that can be read and interpreted comes from connectwise manage:

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    Hi - 

    Thanks for posting. We're working on implementing Swagger for our REST API now, and expect to have something done in the first few months of next year. We plan on using Swagger Codegen to generate SDKs that will be made available to customers, would that be sufficient for your use case? We haven't yet determined whether the JSON doc will be made directly available as well. 



  • Honestly having an up-to-date json doc publically available (similar to connectwise) would be most useful. 

    Great to hear it's already in the pipeline, though!

  • I too would like to see open api specification support for LogicMonitor's REST API.

  • Has any progress been made on releasing this yet?  Agreed that this is needed to make it easier to more rapidly consume the API via our platform of choice.

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    Yes! We've implemented Swagger for v2 of our REST API and will release API v2  (documented with Swagger UI) and Python & Go SDKs (generated via Swagger Codegen) before the end of the year. We're still looking into whether it makes sense to directly post the JSON Swagger doc, as we did have to customize Codegen to accommodate a few complexities with the API.