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9 years ago

Support sub-instances

Some of the stuff I monitor, it would be really helpful if LM could support a sub-instance / drill down type of  feature.

For example, if I'm monitoring SQL disk performance (application level).  Right now I can use a script that shows me how much total IOps are being consumed by SQL, then I can drill into which Database is consuming that IO, and if need be I can further drill in and see which file in the database is generating the IO.  

There are other use cases too, sometime you just want to group / aggregate information about an instance more.  Another example, might be IIS.  I might want to have IIS level stats\website level stats\web applicaiton level stats.  But have them all joined / aggregated, rather than being separate data sources.

I could easily see echoing in a script something like


Additionally, I would love to have the ability to add properties to not only the device (as we can now) but to datasources, instances and sub instances.  EVEN BETTER would be enabling our scripts / monitors to populate those instances / sub-instance properties.