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7 years ago

"Sticky" Device Group handling for dashboards and alerts

One of the biggest frustrations for us with LogicMonitor is breaking a bunch of dashboards and alerts if we move device groups to another location in the overall device group tree.

For example:

Say we have a nested device group called "Infrastructure/Hosts".  Now our environment has changed a bit, and we want to add better organization to support the new changes to our environment.  We move the hosts group to the following location "Infrastructure/PhysicalDevices/Hosts".  All alert rules and dashboards that were filtering on "Infrastructure/Hosts" have now been broken, even though the devices in the group need the same alerting and dashboards.  Now we have to go through and fix each Alert Rule and Dashboard Widget that used "Infrastructure/Hosts" to now point to "Infrastructure/PhysicalDevices/Hosts". 

As you can imagine, as environments scale up and evolve, subgroups are going to be moved around all the time.  Redoing dashboards and alerts every time this happens adds a tremendous amount of labor, and can lead to people missing changes, leaving behind broken alerts or dashboards that you may not find out about until an emergency has already happened.

What we're proposing:

"Sticky" device group handling - If a group or subgroup used in an Alert Rule or Dashboard changes location, this location should automatically be updated and reflected in the dashboard.  This is how most modern applications handle this sort of thing anyway, and it's a huge time saver.  Given the critical nature of this tool's function, this would go along way towards preventing accidentally breaking monitoring that companies rely on to keep their environments running.