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8 years ago

SSL Cert monitoring for ELB's discovered by Cloudwatch plugin

hello Everyone,

Need some help in monitoring SSL cert expirations for ELB's discovered by Cloudwatch plugin. Is anyone doing this, i would like to know if here is a way to monitor SSL certs on the ELB's.  I have tried using SSLCerts- (SSL Certificate Expiration- a href="" rel=""> but it does not work with ELB's discovered via cloudwatch plugin.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Kaushal,

    We have an improvement coming that will allow the resources discovered via our AWS integration, like ELBs, to have both CloudWatch data collection (which we handle without requiring a Collector) and local Collector data collection (e.g. SSLCerts- DataSource).  We additionally recommend adding LogicMonitor service checks to monitor the CName and A Record for your externally accessible ELBs, where the service checks provide the option to alert on basic SSL errors.