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8 years ago

Sonicwall HA Pair Awareness

Hi Guys,

I have a couple of sonicwall Firewalls which we are monitoring.
The issue we are having is LMdoes not understand that one Firewall is active and the other Passive. So it will alert on the passive FW having down interfaces.
Could LM configure the service to understand the common deployment model?

Also what would be good is if the firewalls failover LM would detect this change.




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  • Not sure on the first part, perhaps Cluster Alerts would work?  As far as HA status, SonicWall has no MIB (unless they recently added it).  When we have monitored this, we have defined a host attribute with the serial # (MAC) of the expected primary, and squawk when that is no longer true.  This means manual maintenance if you change out hardware, but I have found no other method.   The OID used is ., which should match the configured expected active unit serial number.



  • FYI, I just published an eventsource to test for this.  Not perfect, but works.  GHXLZH (I assume it will be delayed since it is a script).