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5 years ago

Smoothing Datapoints

We have datapoints that are very spiky by nature. In order to see the signal through the noise so to speak we need to average like 10 datapoints together... effectively smoothing the data. For exam...
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    5 years ago

    My first thread here was an effort to get my head around the API to get the kind of functionality I was used to coming from the SCOM world: 



    I see dataSources as a timed script event and propertySources as a run once script event (I normally target one of the Collectors with it to minimize its resource impact and allowing it to only run once per day or so).  This allows me to leverage the API and bend it to my will to not only gather realtime data, but also to make historical comparisons that the interface alone doesn't allow for.

    One of the things I am trying to figure out is how to leverage an azure script to grab performance data from the last hour on key metrics to add to the alert emails that get sent to our support staff so they can have an at a glance view of how the server has been running leading up to an alerting event without having to log into another system to look at it.

    I also have reports that I run using the metrics collected by SCOM, now by LM that will let me perform "right-sizing" of VMs in Azure and Hyper-V for our customers to get them maximum performance at minimal cost.