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7 years ago

Show basic collector performance metrics on collector page

Support said I should have this here..

As a LM customer for 2 or 3 years now I have always been interested to see just basic metrics from the collectors to gauge how loaded the might be.  This info would be most useful on the collectors page itself in settings, right now of course it just shows the # of devices. I think the inclusion of the number of queries and/or data points and type of query (LM seems to group them like SNMP, WMI, etc) being run per minute would be helpful. I know you can add individual collectors to be monitored like another system but I think having just this basic stat being reported back by the collector without having to add the systems running the collector to be individually monitored would be good.

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  • Many thanks for posting on here Nate. As a support guy,  I do agree it's quite useful to have this information available displayed on the Collector page without explicitly requiring to look on the collector debug or on the individual collector device monitoring graphs.