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8 years ago

Services - Service Check Defaults at the Service Group Level

A large number of our customers are requesting more granular alerting features which is available via Logic Monitor. The problem comes when trying to implement. When creating an Internal Ping Check, first I need to upgrade the collector to the EA version. Ping checks require version 22.050 or higher. This version unfortunately is Early Access only. One request is to have features that are showing available to use but require the EA collector is for it to actually say this feature is only available for EA and under development. Don't let it be available in general if it's not supported by the current, stable collector.

The next part of this request I have is to allow for Service Check Defaults to be at the Service Check group level as well. Not only to the overall structure. I like how it is under Devices where I can set an overall credentials, then at subsequent groups, change it for that particular group. 

Right now, as I add a new Ping check, I have to go and add the collector group and collector twice (we have failover collectors). I have to create 13 ping checks at the minimum per customer. I do not have a small customer base and it will continue to grow.

In short:

1.) Logic Monitor features that are available only for EA (Early Access) collectors should have a disclaimer stating this is for only Early Access.

2.) Add Service Check Defaults (or whatever the name would be) for a Service Check Group under the primary Service Group. Similar behavior to that in Devices and Device Groups.

Thank you!