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7 years ago

Search based on URL

It would be great if we could initiate a search for either devices or alerts based on a URL.  Something like /santaba/uiv3/[ service | alert | device | all ]/index.jsp#tree/[ searchTerm ].  The resulting page would be similar to when a search term is entered.

This would allow us to embed links to Logic Monitor from outside sources/systems that could point directly to your tool instead of building some complex integration.  My particular use case would be from our ServiceNow CMDB or Business Service Map.   This also allows us to honor on the privileges setup within Logic Monitor.

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  • Dan, just wondering have you considered using ServiceNow events and the Event Management module in ServiceNow, to light up the BSM view with events from LogicMonitor?  This is something I'm looking to do in my organization.


  • I'm aware of the event monitoring offering by ServiceNow but that is another part of the platform you have to buy separately.   We do not own that part and will not be buying it anytime soon.  I figured this would be a simple work around with part of the benefit.