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7 years ago

SDT In Lomo GUI for Port Descriptions


I have made a support request (98189) already about this and learned that setting SDT via a Port "Description" is possible through the API.  For those that are not API-savvy, I thought making a feature request to do this in the Lomo GUI might be a good idea.

I would like to see if the possibility of setting SDT in the Lomo GUI can pull up something like a search page for matching criteria.  It could be tags, device names, port descriptions, etc.  The use case is for when I do VMware Host Updates, I have to set 11 SDT's individually. 4 for each Core Switch (we have 2, so 8 total there), one for each Fiber HBA interface on the Fiber switch (we have 2, so 2 there), and on the ESX-Host at the Monitored vCenter level (1).  That sometimes is time consuming and would be nice to have it done once on many things that match... that the user could select the matching objects.

It would be nice to search and enter in "Blade1-Chassis1" and set SDT for things that match a "Description" with that matching information.  Then, have it  present matched areas and then I can select, set an SDT time-frame and do it once.

How nice is that? Is that something that is available to do now, or is this something you would consider making a "feature request" on?

Thanks for your time, Aaron