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8 years ago

SDT for Services and Devices

I have multiple sites running our system. I have a device group for each site consisting of all devices (db, web etc) and a corresponding Services group (same name) for monitoring the web site.

If I need to take down the site for maintenance, I need to update both the devices and services with the downtime. 

My suggestion: Add rules on a device level of which services to take down when the device goes to SDT.


1. if I have a test machine (single machine running, I can tell the rules that when the machine goes to SDT put down the service monitoring of

2. I have 3 machines running a load balanced site (, I can tell the rules that if all machines running this site are going to SDT put the service to SDT

3. I have an external site ( which is hosted elsewhere, because of that it will not be put down when any of the devices go into SDT

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  • We're working on it!  Not exactly as you describe, but we are making the architectural changes to allow us to easily treat Services as Devices throughout the application.  From there, we'll be able to support SDTs across types.