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7 years ago

SDT for minor alerts


Every morning i have to clear a couple of hundred alerts from my inbox that come in while our customers servers are running backups.

We often get 'disk latency' 'network latency' type alerts while the backups are running. As they are run outside of hours, we do not really need these.

Please could you add a way of creating SDT based on alert severity or better yet, build a mechanism to schedule backup window times to filter noise alerts like disk latency.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to encounter this issue.


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  • Hi,


    Should also add the Kris wants to maintain alerts on critical items so putting devices into SDT or even certain datasources wont assist him. He only wants to disable warning/errors

  • Kris,

    I have entered a feature request for you about this for our team to review adding more granularity to the SDT options.


  • Couldn't you on a per-device or per-device-group basis set the specific Datasource/Instance for a recurring SDT?

    So you're not SDT'ing the entire device, just the "benign instance" during hours you specify. 

  • You could also adjust the time of day in which these alert run. You can defiantly set that metric on a specific device, however, I cannot see where you can set it globally.