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7 years ago

Sample Rate Increase

Sample rates of 60 seconds should suffice for most things, but when it comes to todays network gear, a lot can happen in 1 minute.  Particularly if you are talking about high density 10Gig environments.

See the attached graphs showing the same interface over roughly the same period of time.  They tell two completely different stories.  I don't expect to catch EVERY spike, but it should be possible to increase polling frequency, or to also query the various counters (inclding 5 min average counters) and extrapolate how fast an interface needed to move to support those calculated averages.

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  • Sorry -- to clarify - one graph shows logic monitor 1 minute polling and the other shows 10 second polling intervals from manage engine

  • Would appreciate this as well - even if it is limited to Network Devices vs Web Services vs VM/Physical Devices.