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7 years ago

Rolling Averages for Dashboard Graphs

I would really like to see a feature implemented that allows for easy and adjustable graph smoothing.  This can be accomplished by adding a switch to the UI in the graph configuration screen.  If the switch is turned to "enabled", a drop-down appears prompting for an integer between 1% and 5%.  This number would represent the percentage of total datapoints that would be used to calculate the "smoothed" values.  A second drop-down prompts for the position of the calculation: past, future, or both (default).  For example:

A graph containing 500 values - Rolling average is enabled and set to 3% (both).  Each value on the graph would be recalculated to reflect the average of itself, plus the 15 (3% of 500) preceeding and proceeding datapoints.

Here's what the original data might look like: (All examples below were created with TimeLion in Kibana using a similar algorithm)

With 3% smoothing:

And with 5% smoothing: