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6 years ago

Rest API Raw Data Processing using Powershell

Here's a chunk of code for tokenizing the raw data returned from the REST API into something easier to use in powershell for processing / report generation.  $response is the return from the invoke-restmethod call:

<# Objectify Data Points #>
$dataCounters = @{}
$index        = 0
$dataPoints   = $

while ( $index -lt $ ) {
    $time             = $[$index]
    $value            = $[$index]
    $dataPointCounter = 0

    while ( $dataPointCounter -lt $dataPoints ) {
        $dataCounters[$[$dataPointCounter]] += @(@{
            "time"  = $time
            "value" = $value[$dataPointCounter]



Now we can access an individual data point with $dataCounters.datasourcename... in my case, I was getting RAM info for a VM: $dataCounters.freePhsyicalMemory gets me an array of dictionaries that I can loop through:

foreach ( $counter in $dataCounters.freePhsyicalMemory ) {
	write-output "$($counter.time) - $($counter.value)"

Or filter with $dataCounters.freePhsyicalMemory | where time -gt 1553695107000

I can still access the full list of values or times via $dataCounters.freePhysicalMemory.Value or $dataCounters.freePhysicalMemory.Time


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