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4 years ago

Reporting Module

One of the major pain points that we have encountered within this platform resides in the reporting module, most specifically in threshold reporting.

With our environment there are single "devices" (such as vCenter) that alone will produce more lines in a reporting than the existing 50,000 line limit if we attempt to report on the instance thresholds.  With the current implementation of the reporting, we can select to report on 'Only show custom thresholds', but this isn't quite enough unfortunately.   We have run into issues with this omitting any thresholds that are not currently set, which allows for false negatives on alerting metrics.

Ideally we would want to be able to alert on the environment and show those custom thresholds, but also show the global or effective thresholds in the same report with some deduplication performed on the DataSources before presenting the report so as to cut down the total lines for those 'blank' fields.  Essentially, for a DataSource type it could show the global or effective (at device group level) thresholds, and for instances that deviate from those values have named instances with the custom thresholds shown in a hierarchical format.

Our current workflow requires sending an API call for the thresholds recursively across the environment and having that script perform the de-dupe for us cutting down millions of instances to those that have thresholds set that are different from the Global level, and then saving that information into a separate CSV file after transforming the data.  Overall it works, but is clumsy to say the least, I would love to find a way to do this directly from within the platform as right now I personally have to spend a fair amount of time acquiring and validating the data every time management wants to run reports of this nature.

Any advice on how we can better resolve this, or if this can be taken up as a feature request we would be very appreciative.